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Nobel Laureate Dr. Jim Allison talks about his Upcoming Cancer Immunotherapy Meeting and the Evolution of the Field

2018 Nobel Laureate Dr. Jim Allison, and organizer of the 2024 Keystone Symposia on Cancer Immunotherapy, has been a regular at the Keystone Symposia meetings since 1987, predating the existence of cancer immunotherapy itself! In fact, when Dr. Jim  Allison first attended as a post-doctoral fellow, he presented at a workshop in the Tumor Immunology conference, which at the time was focused on investigating the involvement of the immune system in cancer progression.

The Tumor Immunology series elucidated the important role of immune cells in controlling tumor growth, and the tumor's role in suppressing those cells, at which point it evolved into the Cancer Immunotherapy series aimed at leveraging these biological discoveries to innovate the entire field of cancer medicine. Dr. Jim Allison was witness to it all, having attended 35 Keystone Symposia conferences on these and related topics over the years, driving the field forward to the clinical impacts that we see today.

Here we catch up with Dr. Allison in three exclusive one-on-one interviews about his vision for the upcoming 2024 meeting, reflections on the the evolution and future of the field, and memories from his first Keystone Symposia conference!


Cancer Immunotherapy: Beyond Immune Checkpoint Blockade and Overcoming Resistance

March 17-20, 2024, Whistler BC, Canada

Register now to attend Jim Allison's meeting and discuss the past, present and future of Cancer Immunotherapy with him and other leading experts in person!



Jim Allison reflects on the evolution of the field from its inception to today in this exclusive KSQA interview!


Jim Allison shares his thoughts on 50 years of Keystone Symposia & his first Keystone Symposia meeting experience!





Shannon Weiman
Shannon Weiman earned her PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of California, San Diego, specializing in microbiology and immunology. Prior to joining the Keystone Symposia team, she worked as a freelance writer for leaders in academic, industry and government research, including Stanford University’s Biomedical Innovation Initiative, the University of Colorado’s Biofrontiers Program, UCSF, the FDA and the American Society for Microbiology.