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New Open Access to Career Roundtables with Field Leaders

During last year's eSymposia series, each meeting featured a career roundtable with field leaders offering trainees advice on how to choose a thesis lab, finding mentors, balance work and family life, choosing academic vs. industry careers, and more. The workshops were such a success, that now we are releasing some of these sessions for open access viewing to reach broader audiences around the world with these career-shaping insights.

Watch the videos below for words of wisdom from top scientists spanning academic, industry and government backgrounds, and fast-track your path to success!

We thank all the panelists that contributed to these sessions, for dedicating their time and effort to guide the next-generation of research leaders, and for approving the open-access release of these videos. The views expressed during these panels are those of the panelists, and do not reflect the views of their organizations.

Cancer Stem Cells Career Roundtable

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 2.25.39 PM

  • Irving L. Weissman, MD, Stanford University
  • Wolf Ruprecht Wiedemeyer, PhD, AbbVie, Inc.
  • Shaheen Sikandar, PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz


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DAMPs Across the Tree of Life

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 2.15.35 PM

  • Hao Wu, PhD, Harvard Medical School, Boston Children's Hospital
  • Felix Randow, PhD, Medical Research Council
  • Andreas Linkermann, MD, Technical University Dresden
Join field leaders and rising stars to discuss the latest advances at these upcoming Innate Immunity Meetings in 2022:



Non-Coding RNAs Career Roundtable

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 2.29.06 PM

  • Howard Y. Chang, MD, PhD, Stanford University
  • Lynne E. Maquat, PhD, University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Marco Marcia, PhD, EMBL Grenoble


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Targeted Protein Degradation Career Roundtable

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 2.10.50 PM

  • Kylie J. Walters, PhD, NCI, National Institutes of Health
  • Ingrid E. Wertz, MD, PhD, Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Judith Frydman, PhD, Stanford University





Shannon Weiman
Shannon Weiman earned her PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of California, San Diego, specializing in microbiology and immunology. Prior to joining the Keystone Symposia team, she worked as a freelance writer for leaders in academic, industry and government research, including Stanford University’s Biomedical Innovation Initiative, the University of Colorado’s Biofrontiers Program, UCSF, the FDA and the American Society for Microbiology.