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Antibodies As Drugs Keystone Symposia- NOW April 27-30, 2022


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Therapeutic antibodies continue to dominate the list of top biologic drugs, revolutionizing the treatment of diseases from cancer to chronic inflammatory diseases, allergy and infections. However, along with their recent expansion, the emergence of resistance and escape mechanisms is becoming increasingly problematic.   

This Keystone Symposia conference will bring together academic and industry players to address not only the latest methodological and technological advances in antibody therapeutics, but also paradigm-shifting concepts to tackle resistance challenges. The program will cover recent breakthroughs particularly in bispecific antibody engineering, highlighting technologies to improve functionalities, extend half-life and boost clinical efficacies, particularly in immune-oncology.  

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Program Highlights: 

  • Repertoires, Learning and in Silico Design 
  • Therapeutic Antibodies from Patients 
  • Antibodies from Within: Vaccination and Delivery Technologies 
  • New Targets and Tools 
  • The Rise of Bispecifics 
  • Novel Therapeutic Antibodies in the Clinic 

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Shannon Weiman
Shannon Weiman earned her PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of California, San Diego, specializing in microbiology and immunology. Prior to joining the Keystone Symposia team, she worked as a freelance writer for leaders in academic, industry and government research, including Stanford University’s Biomedical Innovation Initiative, the University of Colorado’s Biofrontiers Program, UCSF, the FDA and the American Society for Microbiology.