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Endowments to Support the Next Generation of Scientists

One of the best ways to make a lasting impact on the scientific community is through an endowed gift to support Keystone Symposia's scholarship programs and conference topics. These gifts in-perpetuity support the advancement of science and medicine at large, and foster the growth of the next generation of researchers, upon whom we will rely to carry the torch of science forward.

Keystone Symposia would like to thank the following donors for their generosity in establishing endowments this year, during our 50th anniversary as we celebrate our past and plan for the future. Their gifts will forever invest in the future of science for generations to come.


NK & Irene Cheung

Nai-Kong & Irene Cheung

The NK and Irene Cheung Endowed Scholarship & NK and Irene Cheung Scholars Fund support over 100 US and global trainees to attend Keystone Symposia meetings in person and virtually.


Dr. Nai-Kong Cheung and Dr. Irene Cheung are gratified to contribute in a small way to the Keystone Symposia by providing support for scientists from every part of the globe to join these meetings and to present their exciting research. We hope the attendees will be energized by such interactions. Our own life journey began in Boston decades ago, where we met as students at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health, respectively. As a physician-scientist team at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, we strive to find more effective treatments with less toxicity for children with cancer.

We have been fortunate to be able to pursue our goals and to realize our dreams; convinced that it takes the support and generosity of others over the years to make them happen. 


Vishva Dixit and Manjul Dixitdixit-blog

The Rajiv K. Dixit Travel Award Endowment, named in honor of Vishva’s brother who brought him to the US, will fund a student or postdoc from Kenya to attend a Keystone Symposia meeting in person or fund multiple students and/or post docs from Kenya to attend Virtual Keystone meetings. 


Vishva M. Dixit and Manjul S. Dixit enjoying a drink while reminiscing about Kenya, their love of the country, their people and magnificent wildlife. They devote their energies to promoting medical research, environmental awareness, and wildlife conservation. Dr. Vishva Dixit is Vice President of Discovery Research at Genentech, board member of Keystone Symposia. 


Read "A Conversation with Vishva Dixit" in Nature Portfolio!


Walter Moos and Susan Miller

Walter Moos & Sue Miller

The Moos - Miller Fifty Forward Endowment will fund annually, a Keystone program at the discretion of the incumbent President and CEO.


Walter Moos and Susan Miller support the efforts of Keystone Symposia to draw on the unique expertise and insights of participants from diverse backgrounds, countries, disciplines, sectors, and career stages, connecting people around the world to devise novel solutions that benefit humankind. Walter and Sue are pleased to play a role in this global team, calling on the best minds in life sciences across academia, industry, government, and nonprofit sectors, altogether charting a course to biomedical breakthroughs and innovation. The most impactful science often happens at these interfaces, and Keystone Symposia provides the ideal forum for such advances.

Walter Moos and Susan Miller have been involved in basic science research, drug discovery, and education for decades, aiming to save and improve lives through their work. They believe that every life saved is a miracle.



Bei Zhang & Mark Erion


The Bei Zhang & Mark Erion Keystone Symposia Fellow Fund will award annually one Keystone Symposium fellow with a diverse background to participate in activities associated with the Fellows Program, including attending a Keystone conference and scientific advisory board meetings          as well as having an opportunity for career development mentorship.



Bei Zhang and Mark Erion are pharmaceutical executives at Pfizer & Janssen respectively with a mutual devotion for the discovery of innovative therapies for the world’s most devastating diseases. They gained an appreciation for diverse thoughts and approaches by working with scientists from around the world at different global research sites in the US, Europe, and Asia. This experience has spurred their passion for promoting diversity in life sciences.



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