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Meet the Editors: Salvatore Fabbiano, Cell Press’ New Journal “Med”, Seeks Stories at “The Global Virome” Meeting


Attending “The Global Virome in Health and Disease” meeting in Tahoe City, California, March 1-4, will be full of “firsts” for Associate Scientific Editor of the new Cell Press journal Med, Salvatore Fabbiano, PhD.  This new journal publishes transformative, evidence-based science across the clinical and translational research continuum– it is a fitting match for this meeting topic, which is the first of its kind dedicated to this emerging and clinically important field. Both are poised to make waves and translational impacts across the biomedical research community.

At the meeting, Dr. Fabbiano looks forward to discovering diverse aspects of virome research and its clinical implications, including:

        • efforts to define the virome across diverse host and environmental settings
        • virome linkages with health and disease, including HIV/AIDS, inflammatory bowel disease, malnutrition, graft versus host disease, organ transplantation, and type 1 diabetes
        • interactions between viral and bacterial components of the microbiome
        • underlying mechanisms of immune control, disease pathogenesis and commensal roles

Bringing together experts in disparate fields of eukaryotic virology, phage biology, genomics, informatics, public health, model organisms, and immunology, this conference will bridge distinct research communities to unify host and environmental research frameworks and enable potent new synergies and cross-pollination.

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An Interview with Dr. Salvatore Fabbiano, Associate Scientific Editor of the new Cell Press journal, Med

Image quote: Salvatore Fabbiano - Keystone Symposia meetings feature a strong lineup of speakers, which means hearing the latest discoveries from the best experts around.  This is especially true of the "globla virome" meeting, which brings together experts that study viruses from very different perspectives -- I'm sure their interactions will greatly benefit their own research, and the feild as a whole, driving both in new, innovative, and fruitful directions.

Why are you attending this conference? What do you hope to get out of it?

Dr. Fabbiano:  As an editor in a clinical and translational journal, I find the scope of this Keystone Symposium to be extremely interesting, given that there is so much we still don’t know about viruses and their association with health and diseases. I look forward to better understanding the current state of the field, the most important questions that are being addressed and their translational implication.

It is also important for me to meet face-to-face members of the scientific community to be attuned to their needs and help facilitate scientific publishing as much as possible.


What do you enjoy most about attending Keystone Symposia conferences?

Dr. Fabbiano:  Keystone Symposia  meetings consistently feature a strong lineup of speakers, which means hearing about the latest discoveries from some of the best experts around. In addition, these meetings tend to cover a wide breadth of topics, which I find makes them an excellent occasion to have a very broad perspective on the field, while going into enough detail that one can understand its challenges and potential.

This is especially true for this meeting on “The Global Virome in Health and Disease,” as it will bring together experts that study viruses from very different perspectives and I’m sure will greatly benefit from interacting with each other.

What’s the best way for attendees to get in touch with you at the meeting?

Dr. Fabbiano:


What are the exciting things happening at your journal right now?

Dr. Fabbiano:

Med is a brand-new journal and each step feels like a new milestone!

We just launched our webpage:     www.cell.com/med

…and are now accepting submissions, so I will be happy to connect with the scientists at the this meeting and explore what is being developed in this field.  We also have some great ideas for our journal and we’re looking forward to sharing them with the scientific community.

Stay tuned for our first issue later this year!

CAREER INSIGHTS- What advice would you offer scientists who are thinking about editorial careers?

Dr. Fabbiano:   I think it’s important for editors to be curious and think about science and think about the big picture. If you enjoy reading about topics far from your comfort zone and want to experience science from a different perspective, reach out to us at conference or on social media! We’re always happy to talk with people about our job.


About the Author:

Salvatore Fabbiano, PhD –Associate Scientific Editor at Med, of Cell Press

Impage Profile: Salvatore Fabbiano

Salvatore Fabbiano received his Ph.D. in Physiology at the University of Salamanca, Spain, where he studied signaling pathways involved in the development of cardiometabolic diseases in the lab of Xosé R. Bustelo. He conducted his postdoctoral research in the lab of Mirko Trajkovski at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, focusing on immunometabolism and the role of the gut microbiota.

He joined Cell Metabolism as scientific editor in July 2018 and moved to Med in November 2019. His main responsibilities include evaluating research and review articles and coordinating the peer-review process, attending to conferences and reaching out to the scientific community.



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