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Scientific Advisory Board Meeting | June 2016


Keystone Symposia’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) held its annual June meeting in Keystone, CO with a few important changes: (1) Keystone Symposia is now hosting two cohorts of Fellows each year at the June SAB meeting (i.e., both Classes of 2016 and 2017 were present); (2) the First Annual Andy Robertson Lecture was held; and (3) the Keystone Symposia Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) members were active participants.

Keystone Symposia Fellows

The Fellows Circle is provided each January and June to allow Fellows the opportunity to discuss with the DLSP director and DAC those aspects of the SAB meeting they found to be both challenging and rewarding. This June 2016 Circle focused on three topics: (1) a postmortem on the science presentations of the Class of 2016; (2) the SAB Study Group process; and (3) mentoring. I invite you to watch the Class of 2016 as they present their current research to the SAB. Each Fellow was given 5 minutes to present their material and 5 minutes for Q&A from the SAB. I think they did a fantastic job, especially given their time constraints, and are to be congratulated!






First Annual Andy Robertson Lecture

andy_picThe First Annual Andy Robertson Lecture was held at the June SAB and is in memory of Keystone Symposia’s former Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Andy Robertson. Dr. Robertson started the Diversity in Life Science Programs (DLSP) and hired the first director, Dr. Laina King, who presented the inaugural Lecture. Each year, the DAC will select a senior UR (or non-UR) speaker who represents excellence in science, mentoring, and science diversity to talk about the current status of science diversity and best practices in mentoring, particularly mentoring of UR biomedical trainees.


The Keystone Symposia community

The June SAB meeting is also a time to relax, network, and share ideas of how to make the Keystone Symposia experience accessible to the global community of scholars through our conferences and online scientific media. For a fun look at what we did at the 2016 June SAB meeting, check out our photo gallery compliments of DLSP administrative assistant Ashley Connally.








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